Monday, 24 April 2017

The FA Cup - My 'Final' Thoughts

The absolute relief on Wengers face from yesterday's semi final 2-1 win over Pep's Man City; says to me he's wanting to go; but waiting to leave on a high, and to be honest, I want him to leave on a high as well!! But not at the expense of the Double for Chelsea!!

Alas, I just can't see his standing down until he can do it with his head held high, and after 20 years and winning Arsenal 2 Doubles, a further 3 more FA Cups you can't blame him for wanting to bag another!! Fans are adamant his time is up at the emirates; I don't know many gooners that are Wenger in, but as we all know he calls the shots there so be interesting to see if my thoughts are right and if they won the FA Cup whether he would step down at the end of the season - but knowing Wenger he would probably take it as a confidence boost and say look we won the FA Cup, we can win the league next year 🙄

But obviously it's a touchy subject for me, as I'm a Chelsea fan and I really, really, really want us to do the double again!! So Arsene won't be getting his happy Ending I'm afraid.........

 We have a great manager now, and although I love Jose and nobody can take away or play down what he's done for us, and that 'Judas" incident at The FA Cup quarter final game at The Bridge shouldn't have happened, but I understand some of our fans are still hurt by him going to Man Utd, and I'd love to say it's not personal but somehow with Jose it does feel a little personal.

He responded to the 'Judas' chants by pointing to the turf and holding up three fingers at his detractors, signifying the trio of Premier League titles he claimed in two spells at SW6; and insisted Judas is still number one, insinuating that basically Conte isn't anything until he's won us a Title; so for that reason alone I want us to do it and I truly believe we are gonna win the league this year! Conte is a great man and I think he will just as much for us if not more (given the chance) that Mourinho did for us.

 Every game counts now, we have the PFA player of the year!!!! But then Spurs have the young player of the year, and are quick on our tracks but we'll ignore that part for now, as it's all about Chelsea and KANTE right now!!

 I just think we are in the best shape we've been in, in ages and although it's sad to hear Terry is leaving us,  he hasn't started this season for us. But I don't think you can take it away from him how he keeps the team together and his leadership in the changing room!! So be interesting to see how that will effect us next season.

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PS if anyone can get cup final tickets please let me know!

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